Peter Androsch is a sound artist: shaping sound, understanding sound, holding onto sound. Sound is not just sound rather sound waves. His extensive work is shown here within the four categories of composing, playing, phonography and the Hörstadt.

Androsch is a philosopher and a jack of all trades at the same time, a conceptual carnival artist. He knows his way around silence.
Eleonore Büning in the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung” 2013
Dagmar Ellen Fischer nominates in “Die Deutsche Bühne” “Golden Coast – A Report for An Academy” by Peter Androsch for the best Opera of the season 2017/18!
Die Deutsche Bühne, issue 8/2018

Together with Anna-Sophie Brocza, Peter Androsch will open the double conference Ver/störende Orte (Disturbing Places?) on 10.11.2021. Art University Linz, University of Innsbruck and the House of History Austria thus put up for discussion the “Dealing with NS-contaminated buildings”. Brocza and Androsch present the project Die Schule ( From Nov. 29 to Dec. 5, 2021, the theme week Acoustic Ecology will take place at the Linz University of the Arts. It is a prelude to the Co.Lab Acoustic Ecology, which Peter Androsch is developing and will open at the beginning of next year. Before Christmas, the new album of Dr. Didi – Blues will be released on Spotify and other platforms, – videos on Youtube etc.. A tribute to the great architect and urban planner Curt Kühne is being created in collaboration with the housing company GWG, which owns nine of his buildings in Linz (until the end of 2021). Peter Androsch won the competition for the artistic design (art in architecture) of the new kindergarten building in Hofkirchen i. Mühlkreis (until April 2022). Peter Androsch composes the Bieroper (Beer Opera) for the Theater an der Rott in Bavaria (premiere on 17.6.2022 in Pfarrkirchen). For the kindergarten in Poschacherstraße in Linz, Peter Androsch designs the art in architecture (2022). As a preview of the Bruckner Year, the video podcast Der Nasse Mantel (The Wet Coat) will be produced by the end of 2022. It takes a different look at Anton Bruckner, namely through his relationship with Ludwig Boltzmann. The independent art and research project Gusen Convolute will run until 2025. Here, Peter Androsch and his team are researching the origins of the songs composed in the Gusen concentration camp.


Ever since the 1980s composing has played a central part in the creative work of Peter Androsch. Particularly in the area of musical theatre his particular fortitude in artistic creation can be seen, a strength that combines theatre, sound, and space: “Peter Androsch composes in the same way that Man Ray created his first Dada piece”, says Wolfgang Schlag in the Pasticcio in the cultural program of OE1 in 2007.



After extensive touring in his younger days (tours through Austria, East- and West Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, USA, and Africa) actively playing has become an integral part in Peter Androsch’s work once again. Together with his colleagues Didi Bruckmayr and Bernd Preinfalk he regularly plays contemporary chamber music as “Dr. Didi”.

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Peter Androsch has dubbed his sound-writings Phonographies. They arise through multiple layering, like sound is created by interference of sound waves. The pictures are based on musical and historical handwritings, sketches and photographs.

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The concept for the Hörstadt was developed in 2006 as a central piece in the musical department of the cultural capital of Europe of 2009 in Linz, of which Peter Androsch was the head. It was conceived as a laboratory for acoustics, space, and society, and so the Hörstadt was able to develop new methods such as  anthropological acoustics and inclusive acoustics. Its central concern is designing the acoustic surroundings as humanely as possible.

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