Androsch‘s music is powerful, ambitious, and full … Bernd Feuchtner for “Opernwelt” on the world première of “Marx Eins” in the Theater Trier 2016, – Peter Androsch is active not only as a composer, but also as a musician, an artist with space and writing, a researcher, a writer, and as an international lecturer. His extensive work is shown here within the four categories of composing, playing, phonography and the Hörstadt.


till 15.9.2017  Exhibition DIE SCHULE in the windows Akademisches Gymnasium Linz (Spittelwiese/Herrenstraße) / 16.9.2017, REVERB – International Festival For Reverb, Space, and Music (curator: Peter Androsch), Minoritenkirche, Regensburg, D ( / 20.9.2017, Gesangstimmen und Geschlechterrollen: Hörstadt-talk with Christa Brüstle (Kunstuniversität Graz), DORF TV / 22.9.-26.11.2017, Exhibition PHONOGRAPHIE, Earport, Duisburg, D / till 1.10.2017  Exhibition (participation) ZEITSCHNITT OBERÖSTERREICH – FÜNF POSITIONEN, DOK Niederösterreich / Stadtmuseum St. Pölten / 4.10.2017, Lieben Sie klassische Musik? Hörstadt-talk with Dominik Schweiger (Konzerthaus Wien), DORF TV / 8.10.-12.11.2017, FASZINATION: MUSIK, Exhibition (participation), Blaugelben Galerie, Schloß St. Peter in der Au / 16.1o.2017, speech/talk about acoustics and Hörstadt, Agenda Alsergrund, Wien / 10.11.2017, opening VALIE EXPORT Center, DR. DIDI, Tabakfabrik Linz / 15.-16.11.2017, WIENER SCHRIFTEN/ Vienna writings, exhibition/installation, Vienna Art Week k48 / 2.12.2017, concert with my piece ZWÖLF KURZE SÄTZE FÜR VIOLONCELLO SOLO, Kunsthaus Obernberg a.I. / 11.5.2018, BERICHT AN EINE AKADEMIE (opera, first night), Theater an der Rott, Eggenfelden, D / 7.-10.6.2018, Festival Neue Musik TOTAL SOLO (curator: Peter Androsch), Brucknerhaus Linz / 2019, DIE SCHULE (music theatre, first night), Landestheater Linz

Androsch is a philosopher and a jack of all trades at the same time, a conceptual carnival artist. He knows his way around silence.
Eleonore Büning in the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung” 2013


Ever since the 1980s composing has played a central part in the creative work of Peter Androsch. Particularly in the area of musical theatre his particular fortitude in artistic creation can be seen, a strength that combines theatre, sound, and space: “Peter Androsch composes in the same way that Man Ray created his first Dada piece”, says Wolfgang Schlag in the Pasticcio in the cultural program of OE1 in 2007.



After extensive touring in his younger days (tours through Austria, East- and West Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, USA, and Africa) actively playing has become an integral part in Peter Androsch’s work once again. Together with his colleagues Didi Bruckmayr and Bernd Preinfalk he regularly plays contemporary chamber music as “Dr. Didi”.

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Peter Androsch has dubbed his sound-writings Phonographies. What originally began as the creation of more or less dense landscapes of writing by layering his own musical manuscripts, has developed into creating sound-paintings based on the musical scores, manuscripts, sketches, and typescripts of other artists.

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The concept for the Hörstadt was developed in 2006 as a central piece in the musical department of the cultural capital of Europe of 2009 in Linz, of which Peter Androsch was the head. It was conceived as a laboratory for acoustics, space, and society, and so the Hörstadt was able to develop new methods such as  anthropological acoustics and inclusive acoustics. Its central concern is designing the acoustic surroundings as humanely as possible.

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