Androsch’s work is of pure, and grand beauty. And if you stare at them long enough you will begin to hear and read them anew.
Egbert Tholl in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on the exhibition “Phonographien” in the Historisches Museum Regensburg 2016

Catalogue Peter Androsch Phonographie Historic Museum Regensburg 2016 [7.6 MB]

 – what Peter Androsch calls his sound-writings – are the result of multiple layering, like sound is created by interference of sound waves. Different groups of works developed over time. They are based on different sources and are produced in various techniques. Phonographic Portraits So far there are the series “Linz Heads”, “Carinthian Heads”, “Heads from Upper Austria” and various diploplia, lenticular and puzzle images and chimeras (Images 01-03). Historical Phonographies These works are based on traditional manuscripts (Images 04-06). Musical Phonographies Works based on musical manuscripts (Images 07-09).

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